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Our Talented Staff

Capriole Academy has brought together some of the most talented and welcoming coaches, trainers and staff in the lower mainland to provide you with a great learning environment for you and your horse.


We look forward to working with you!

Dianna Epps
Owner & Head Coach

For more on Dianna Epps, please click "Here".

Angelica Buikema
Assistant Coach

Angelica Buikema is the newest member of the Capriole Academy coaching team and will be taking over the majority of our group lessons for beginner and intermediate riders. Angie has a wealth of experience coaching group lessons and beginner riders.

Angie currently boards her horse at Capriole Academy and has been studying French Classical Dressage for the past few years. 


We are excited to have Angie as part of our team!

If you are interested in trying out riding, are getting back into riding or would like to have some fun with schooling shows and group lessons we really recommend joining one of Angie's lesson!

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