LESSONS & LEASING & MORE Capriole Academy​

Progressive. Educational. Safe. Fun.


Our riding lessons focus on a variety of skills including French Classical dressage (where we start all our students), jumping (show jumping, hunter and equitation style), cross country  and groundwork/horsemanship skills.


Our students all have strong foundations in classical dressage and therefore progress very quickly in other disciplines due to their strong seats, stable legs and independent hands.


We have school horses for every level rider as well as lease horses available to advanced students.
Some of our "school" horses are trained in upper level movements (like Piaffe) and many have jumped well over 3'


The following prices are subject to change and availability. Prices are subject to change, tax is included (GST 5%).


Our instructors are all insured


"Dianna brought me along from a terrified, determined but completely unskilled student to a capable, thoughtful and caring rider. Dianna is by far the best coach I have ever had and is invested in my (and all of her students') success. Dianna knows SO MUCH and is always attending clinics and expanding her knowledge to share with her students. Her lessons are fun, challenging and always incredibly useful." - K. P.

"Angie is an incredibly gifted, patient and capable instructor! She has been teaching my child in group lessons as part of Minnekhada's Riding Team and I am amazed at her level of organization and attention to detail. I always feel safe leaving my child in Angie's care."

Lesson & Lease Prices Taught by Angie

Each private lesson is 45 minutes of riding time and approximately 15 minutes of tacking up and un-tacking the horse. 

Single Private Lesson:

(1 45 minute lesson)
Owned/Leased Horse: $60/hour
Our Horse: $70/hour

Packaged Private Lessons
(4 X 45 minute lessons)
Owned/Leased Horse $220 (save $20)

Our Horse: $240 (save $40)

Packaged Group Lessons

(4 X 1 hour lessons)

Our Horse $200

Pony Rides

(1 X 30 minute lesson)

Our Horse $30

Lesson & Lease Prices with Head Coach Dianna Epps

Single Private Lesson:

Owned/Leased Horse: $65/hour
Our Horse: $75/hour


Packaged Private Lessons
(4 X 1 hour lessons)
Owned/Leased Horse $240

Our Horse: $280


Single Semi-Private Lesson

Owned/Leased Horse $55

Our Horse $65



Lease Pricing

Quarter Lease: $320

4 lessons and 4 rides/month

Half Lease: $420

4 lessons and 8 rides/month

3/4 Lease: $520

4 lessons and 12 rides/month

Full Lease: $720

4 lessons and up to 20 rides/month **The ideal package for someone wanting to "own" their own horse without the responsibility of all veterinary bills/farrier bills. Priority use of horse at shows, clinics etc. Intermediate + riders only please. Jumping and Flat horses available.