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About Us

Who are we?


A passionate and professional group of horse people wanting to change the face of modern equitation.  


We train without the use of auxiliary reins, restraints or force. We respect the nature of the horse and work for the horse rather than against him.



We train our horses under the principles of "Legerete" translated to English as "Lightness." Dianna Epps is a Teacher-Candidate for Philippe Karl's School of Legerete. More information on his school can be found HERE


Our horses are happy, healthy and SOUND.

This is because we take into account the horse's natural asymmetry (i.e. what side the horse is stronger on and what side the horse is weaker on) when developing training programs and use classical principles to correct this.

The benefit of having a straight, strong and flexible horse?

Soft in the bridle, forward off the leg with variety, rhythm, and balance in all gaits and highly capable of lateral, collected and extended movements.



We also strongly believe in cross training horses and it is not uncommon to see us trail riding along the Dyke, galloping our horses cross country and/or training tricks!



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 Dianna Epps

Owner and Head Coach/Trainer


Dianna has been involved in the horse industry for over 40 years and has been an Equine Canada Certified Coach for 20.

She has competed and trained horses in working equitation, dressage, show jumping, hunter/jumpers, 3-day eventing, driving, french classical equitation, western and trick-training.

Dianna has spent much time training under Philippe Karl and Bertrand Ravoux, Melanie Buhlman, Charles de Kunffy and Rick Maynard among others. Dianna is also a regular competitor with PAAHL and IAHLA where she shows horses bred and trained at home. In addition to this, Dianna has international show experience in eventing and show jumping at the advanced level.

Dianna is a highly qualified and well-rounded coach who applies French Classical Training Principles to all of her horses and students. Dianna Epps is currently one of only a handful of riders in North America selected as a teacher candidate for Philippe Karl's School of Lightness (Ecole de Legerete) and had the priviledge of being taught by Philippe Karl himself!


Dianna is available for complete beginner riders through to high-level competitors in both Dressage and Jumping (including cross country) and serves the lower mainland. For information on clinics please e-mail us at


"Dianna has developed my riding from a student who fell off nearly every ride and was extremely fearful to a confident rider who just recently bought my own 7-year-old mare. Dianna's patience, kindness and generosity shines through in her teaching and makes her a gifted instructor. You won't find Dianna yelling or screaming at students - yet she's highly effective!"



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