Barefoot Performance Trimming

Dianna Epps offers barefoot performance trimming as a licensed farrier. Dianna believes just about any horse can go barefoot with the correct trimming and riding and believes strongly in the health and soundness of the foot. Read below to see some testimonials of long-standing clients.



"Dianna is such a professional. I had bought a horse and he was mysteriously lame on a front foot. No one could figure out why and I had x-rays and nerve blocks done to see where the issue was. Eventually the veterinarian told me I should simply do flat work and have my horse on a low-dose of Bute every single day. I was not content with this and so called Dianna on recommendation from a friend. Dianna looked at my horse and immediately saw the problem: A completely contracted front foot due to poor shoeing. My horse's hoof was unable to function properly. We took off the shoes and after a transition period of about 40 days (2 trims), my horse is sound, happy and back to jumping! Thanks Dianna!! KP"

"After having a horse diagnosed with laminitis I thought for sure I would have to put shoes on all fours of my mare... after having Dianna come out and take a look she corrected the hoof angles while clearly and professionally explaining to me the way a healthy hoof should work and look and continued to help provide my horse with a pain free barefoot life."

Stay tuned for Before and After pictures!

Please contact us if you are interested in barefoot performance trimming.

500 Lincoln Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC

778 895 4040 (Katrina)


604 328 4606 (Dianna)


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